Fast, simple and bespoke inventory finance solutions, Powered By Technology

What we do

Welcome to Add Working Capital, a leading fintech provider of dealer, and manufacturer financing and inventory management solutions across UK & Europe. Our mission is to simplify the inventory solutions for dealers and manufacturers, unlocking the additional working capital to fuel their business ambitions.

Team Add Founder

Led by Andrew Stafferton, the founder of DF Capital Bank, Add Working Capital brings years of experience and expertise to the table. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by dealership and manufacturing companies, and we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Group Founder

Our dealer and manufacturer solutions help businesses secure the inventory they need, to grow, and be successful.


Inventory Financepowered by technology

How it works

Dealerships source and supply all of us with equipment we need to increase productivity at work and maximise the adventure in our lives outside.

Dealerships typically have ~75% of their working capital tied up in inventory.

Add Working Capital exists to help unlock the working capital tied up in this inventory. This enables Dealerships to increase profitability, improve their cash cycle and reinvest in their growth, supporting manufacturing and retail activities.

We do this by offering tailored, embedded Inventory Finance solutions. This is why we exist.

This is Add Working Capital

We operate through an inventory management subscription service, where dealers, manufacturers and partners benefit from our years of expertise, enabling them to:

Secure orders and protect production efficiency

Stock, display and demonstrate their products for sale

Increase working capital, and aiding capital reinvestment

Lower working capital outflows, protecting cashflow until sale

Easily fund inventory, based on our unique technology

Improve risk profile at network, dealer or asset level